The Remarkable John A. Sullivan

John Sullivan's leg was crushed by a trolley car at 5 years old. However, that wouldn't stop him from suiting up and playing football for his high school, Green Bay West. Read his unbelievable story here.

The Lambeau Family Tragedy

It was a Monday at 4 o'clock, Oct 5, 1891, on the corner of Main St. and Webster Ave. when Victor Lambeau, Curly Lambeau's grandfather, shot his wife with a 32-caliber revolver. Victor and Maria Lambeau had 7 children, ranging in ages from 4 months to 14 years old at the time. Marcel "Mac" Lambeau, the oldest child and Curly Lambeau's future father, would turn 15 only four days later.

The History Hounds of West De Pere

The West De Pere History Society was formed by Domenic Gentile and his students sometime around 1964. Domenic taught history at West De Pere High School, and on the weekends, he was also an assistant trainer for Lombardi's Green Bay Packers. Although named a "society," it was probably more akin to a high school club, because it consisted entirely of students. In the wake of the unprecedented circumstances regarding the Kennedy assassination, students became curious about presidential secession law. With the wheels turning feverishly in their inquisitive minds, the society members began to meet after school; old projects, once completed, provided a pleasing sense of accomplishment and new ideas and curiosities evolved into exciting, new endeavors.

The Starr Home

The story of the Starr family home on Summer Range Road in De Pere. Green Bay Packer Quarterback and Head Coach Bart Starr lived here with his wife Cherry and their sons.

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