Steinbeck in Search of CheeSweet

Recently, with the help of my wife, I came across something interesting in author John Steinbeck's 1962 book "Travels with Charley : In Search of America". It's a story about how Steinbeck and his beloved poodle Charley embark on a cathartic trip across the country to bear witness to post-war America. According to the author's oldest son, Thom, his father had a heart condition and knew he could die at anytime, the road trip was his last chance to see the country.

The History Hounds of West De Pere

The West De Pere History Society was formed by Domenic Gentile and his students sometime around 1964. Domenic taught history at West De Pere High School, and on the weekends, he was also an assistant trainer for Lombardi's Green Bay Packers. Although named a "society," it was probably more akin to a high school club, because it consisted entirely of students. In the wake of the unprecedented circumstances regarding the Kennedy assassination, students became curious about presidential secession law. With the wheels turning feverishly in their inquisitive minds, the society members began to meet after school; old projects, once completed, provided a pleasing sense of accomplishment and new ideas and curiosities evolved into exciting, new endeavors.

The Starr Home

The story of the Starr family home on Summer Range Road in De Pere. Green Bay Packer Quarterback and Head Coach Bart Starr lived here with his wife Cherry and their sons.

The Boy Soldier

The story of De Pere's boy soldier. Enlisted at the age of 15, Henry Cady fought for the Wisconsin 14th, Company F. His story was thought to be lost to time, but is retold here.

Forever a Rookie

Meet Gale Staley, the De Pere born ballplayer, who played second base for the Chicago Cubs. Although his career was extremely brief he hit the cover off the ball in the late summer of 1925.

Stebbing’s Sweet Tooth

The curious case of Stuart Messenger Stebbings, a lumberman by trade but an inventor at heart. He created a new kind of candy combining chocolate and cheese. He also developed a patent for a cheese filter cigarette. Both inventions, sought to help the Wisconsin dairy industry.

Here Lies J. D. Putnam

This is the story of the death of John D. Putnam and of his memorial, the Putnam Stump. At the age of 39, John volunteered for Wisconsin in the war of the rebellion, also known as the Civil War. Although his service was short-lived his sacrifice will always be remembered.

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