America’s First Flying Air Scouts

Photo Courtesy of the De Pere Historical Society Sep 18, 1952

The Boy Scouts of America was a transformative organization aimed at teaching boys life-long skills that would prove to be the foundational component in a life exemplified by skill, good citizenship, and courteous behavior. Many boys did exceptionally well in the program, however by the age of 14 or 15 years, their interest waned considerably. This occurred from the earliest days of scouting and was titled the “older boy problem.” Over the years, the BSA implemented numerous programs in an attempt to prevent dwindling participation from the older scouts but many were unsuccessful. However, in 1912, the first Sea Scout troops were founded.

I Spy…Pizza Pize

Baba Louies remodels their facade exposing the old Pizza Pize sign August 2, 2019

If you find yourself driving down Main Avenue make sure to look at Baba Louies. The local sports bar and night club, on De Pere’s west side, is currently remodeling the front of their building and in the process uncovered an old sign from De Pere’s past.

Stebbing’s Sweet Tooth

Box of CheeSweet Chocolates

The curious case of Stuart Messenger Stebbings, a lumberman by trade but an inventor at heart. He created a new kind of candy combining chocolate and cheese. He also developed a patent for a cheese filter cigarette. Both inventions, sought to help the Wisconsin dairy industry.

Here Lies J. D. Putnam

This is the story of the death of John D. Putnam and of his memorial, the Putnam Stump. At the age of 39, John volunteered for Wisconsin in the war of the rebellion, also known as the Civil War. Although his service was short lived his sacrifice will always be remembered.