I Spy…Pizza Pize

Green Bay Press-Gazette May 1, 1972, Page 21

If you find yourself driving down Main Avenue make sure to look at Baba Louies. The local sports bar and night club, on De Pere’s west side, is currently remodeling the front of their building and in the process uncovered an old sign from De Pere’s past.

Pizza Pize opened their West De Pere Location, 417 Main Avenue, around May of 1972.

Green Bay Press-Gazette
Nov 16, 1973, Page 11

Their business model of “We Make ‘Em You Bake ‘Em” was ahead of their time. Similar to today’s “Take and Bake Pizza” concept.

Also in May of 1972, Pizza Pize ran an ad boasting that “We Do Not Deliver”. In the ad they listed all of the extra costs that they avoid to keep their “Pize” deliciously low in price. Including, wait staff, chairs, tables, delivery vehicles, fireplaces, carpeting, and fancy lights. Their ads were unique much like their business model.

In September of 1974, in order to reduce prices in a world of rising costs, Pizza Pize merged with Pudgy Pizza. The resulting merger, gave Pudgy Pizza a total of nine stores.

Scroll down to see articles and ads from Pizza Pize’s past.

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  1. Agreed. Both of these ads are hand drawn and lettered. If you look closely you can see the artist signature “ELDER” in the bear ad. In the Santa ad it says “ELDER” too but it looks more like “ELVER”. I can only assume that was intentional since it was Christmas.

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